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  • Basket game

    In Touch: Boosting inclusion through non-formal education and an app for disabled people

    Note: You can download the content in a press release format (PDF) above in English and Greek. The results of the project will be available online and access-free In Touch…

  • Project promotion of In Touch in Tuzla

    Promotion of project in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, young individuals, representatives of the academic community, educators, and researchers, along with the presence of the Lotos team staff, gathered at our Association’s premises…

  • Focus Group with DHH in Cyprus

    As part of the consortium’s research on existing best practices in educational material and digital tools for inclusivity in various sectors within the EU and each participating country of the…

  • Launching Event of the project in Cyprus

    On Thursday, 13th of July 2023, we successfully launched the In Touch Project in Cyprus with the participation of young people, disabled youth, youth workers and trainers. The participants were…