The partners

The project In Touch is composed of partners from different countries, find their website and learn about what they do in this section.

Assicoziaione ABìCì, the coordinator of the project, based in Italy


ABìCì is an Italian youth organization established in 2010. It mainly works in the field of media literacy and inclusion of disabled youth. In the framework of disability, the organization plans and implements socio-educational activities aimed at boosting work inclusion of youth with sensorial disabilities and afflicted with mental illness. Furthermore, the NGO publishes a daily magazine Sardegnagol promoting youth policies and human rights.

Beyond Barriers, based in Albania

Logo Behind Barriers

Beyond Barriers Association (BBA) is a non-profit, civil society organization, established in 2004 in Tirana, Albania. BBA works with young people at national, regional and European levels, by fostering empowerment through non-formal education. The mission of BBA is to promote inclusion, equal chances and a better quality of life for all young people and support the foundations of building a better society for the present and future generations.

The Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro

logo UMHCG

The Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro is an NGO dedicated to improving the level of guarantees and respect for the human rights of people with disabilities, with a special focus on youth with disabilities. Through various programs, activities, and initiatives, the organization advocates for the rights of persons with disabilities and inclusion in society. The Association offers a range of programs and initiatives aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Active Zone Outdoor, based in Cyprus

Logo Active Zone Outdoor

Active Zone Outdoor is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to facilitate the enhancement of better mental health and well-being of young people through active engagement in outdoor and sports activities and participation in society. Social inclusion of young people with medical disabilities with priority to be given to people with visual impairment constitutes a core strategic goal in the agenda of the organization.

Information Center for people with disabilities Lotos, based in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Logo I.C. Lotos

Through its actions, the non-profit organization “Lotos” influences the creation of a democratic civil society in Bosnia and Herzegovina in which issues of disability will be considered as issues of human rights, and people with disabilities will not face barriers during exercising the rights that belong to them as human beings.

TDM 2000 Malta

TDM 2000 Malta

TDM 2000 Malta aims to increase active youth participation in society on a local and an international level. It supports local institutions working with youth coming from lesser opportunity backgrounds through raising awareness, fundraising and volunteering. It also gives young persons the opportunity to participate in a variety of Erasmus+ mobilities in Malta and abroad.