In Touch: Boosting inclusion through non-formal education and an app for disabled people

Note: You can download the content in a press release format (PDF) above in English and Greek.

The results of the project will be available online and access-free

In Touch is making its first step after the kick-off meeting held in Malta in April. The project aims to boost social inclusion by providing the tools and methods for the socio-professional development of people with mobility and sensory disabilities and an app for disabled people to find inclusive activities close to them. The process will start after research on the topic.

In Touch will have two outcomes, both available online and for free. The first one is a manual to provide non-formal education activities for operators, educators, youth workers and other bodies or professionals that work with people with disabilities. The objective is to increase the inclusivity in training materials, create opportunities in the non-formal education sector for disabled people to allow them access to powerful training, and hence work in a more inclusive society.

The app -set for disabled people- will contain a map with accessible/free-barriers services, activities and opportunities in the country the person is based in, including leisure options. Also, the app will allow people to stay in touch with other people to pursue the goal of preventing isolation.

The project is a 2-year KA2 Erasmus+ Capacity Building, which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. The consortium is coordinated by the association ABiCi (Italy) and involves partners from different countries: Beyond Barriers (Albania), Lotos (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Active Zone Outdoor (Cyprus), ADYM (Montenegro) and TDM 2000 Malta. The combination of experience in different fields, with special expertise in training, non-formal education, access to disabled youth and project management, will provide different results in this project.

All the updates and further communications on the project can be found on the website and the Social Media Accounts of the project (Instagram, Facebook). For any requirements, the managers of the project can be contacted via mail at

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