Promotion of project in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, young individuals, representatives of the academic community, educators, and researchers, along with the presence of the Lotos team staff, gathered at our Association’s premises on July 13, 2023. We organized an event for those who wish to use, develop, or learn about tools for live, online, theoretical, individual, group, or other forms of informal education.

By promoting the project “Accessible Informal Didactic Tools for Young People with Disabilities,” which our Association is implementing with partner organizations from Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Albania, and Montenegro, among the 30 attendees, we aimed to draw attention to the need for identifying and developing innovative tools that can enhance inclusion and support systems, especially for people with disabilities.

This was an opportunity for participants to become acquainted with inaccessible or insufficiently promoted tools, activities, and resources for the informal education of young people. Individuals with disabilities often encounter limitations in using tools that are available to others, especially digital tools and platforms.

During the promotion, the expected results of this very significant project for our organization were highlighted:

‘We want the project to contribute to building the capacities of organizations working with young people, jointly developing a handbook with new accessible activities for young people with disabilities, enabling greater participation for all. We are particularly excited about one of the main planned project outcomes, the creation of a mobile application that will collect, consolidate, and suggest available activities and services for all young people, while also indicating in which segments the activity or service is accessible to young people with disabilities.’ The project “Accessible Informal Didactic Tools for Young People with Disabilities” is being implemented as part of the Erasmus program and will last for 2 years. As part of a large team of partner organizations, we look forward to the project’s new successes!

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