Disability inclusion, the In Touch partners meet in Malta

An international cooperation to support the inclusion of young disabled people in their respective territories. This, in a nutshell, is the meaning of the In Touch project supported by the European Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, coordinated by the youth organisation ABICI (Italy) and implemented in collaboration with Beyond Barriers (Albania), I.C. Lotos (Bosnia-Herzegovina), AYDM (Montenegro), Active Zone Outdoor (Cyprus) and TDM2000 Malta.

Kick off meeting in Malta | Meeting room
Kick off meeting in Malta | Meeting room

Organisations met today in Malta to exchange good practices on the theme of inclusion of young people with disabilities and take stock of the actions included in the project that will be carried out in the 6 nations until December 2024.

Actions include research into the condition of disabled young people, national legislative systems and, the note says, also the creation of an App on accessible facilities for disabled people in the 6 nations.

kick off meeting

“We believe that international cooperation in this field is fundamental, given the good practices existing in the different national contexts and, above all, given the intermittent innovativeness in the field of disability. A critical issue, despite extensive legislation, where interventions for the inclusion of persons with disabilities often have little impact,’ said Gabriele Frongia, legal representative of ABìCì.

Kick off meeting | partner's presentations
Kick off meeting | partner’s presentations

On this occasion, a press conference presenting the project will be held today in the city of Saint Julian, which will be attended not only by the local media, but also by organisations from the Maltese third sector.

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