Project News

In touch is a project which would like to bring innovation in non-formal education activities and higher quality learning in youth work for youngsters with mobility and sensory disabilities.

We would like to fill the lack of updates and innovation in available training materials for organizations working with disabled people. Our project will enhance the possibilities for individuals with disabilities to participate in different activities, have more access to opportunities and at the same time have increased opportunities to become more integrated into our European society, by contributing to their empowerment.

The project is involving 6 countries, 3 from the European Union (Italy, Malta, and Cyprus) and 3 from the Western Balkans region (Albania, Montenegro, and Bosnia & Herzegovina) with a complementary partnership of organizations working with people with disabilities and others working on the creation of educational and didactic activities through the use of non-formal education.

The two most important specific objectives of our project are:
– to equip organizations with youth work methods, tools, and materials for the socio-professional development of youth workers and trainers working with people with disabilities;
– to stimulate social inclusion by mapping accessible/barrier-free services/activities for leisure time with regards to empowering disabled youth and being in touch with their peers to prevent them from social isolation.

The 1st objective is related to the 1st project outcome we will have which is an electronic Didactic Manual with innovative activities to involve and include young people with disabilities for operators, educators, youth workers, and all the ones working with people with disabilities.

The 2nd objective is related to the 2nd project outcome which will be a Mobile APP accessible for disabled people and freely downloadable with mapped accessible/free-barriers services, activities and opportunities in the country.