AYDM hosted the Youth Exchange in Podgorica

SAOPÅ TENJE: U Podgorici organizovana Razmjena mladih

As part of the In Touch project, we successfully organized the Youth
Exchange in Podgorica, Montenegro, from June 24th to July 1st. The
Association of Youth with Disabilities of Montenegro (AYDM) hosted a
seven-day event and emphasized the importance of raising awareness about
disability and inclusion. We aimed to bridge any gaps between young people
with and without disabilities.

During the Exchange, youth workers and participants tested various
activities previously developed in the Didactic Manual for inclusive, informal
education. We received feedback on potential weaknesses and ways to
enhance these activities to be more inclusive and accessible for people with
Our focus was on stimulating social inclusion and providing equal
opportunities for participants to Exchange their knowledge, experiences, and
skills. The primary goal of the activity was to encourage intercultural dialogue
and informal learning, all while promoting awareness about disability and

Through participant evaluations, we found that everyone gained valuable
skills, knowledge, and experiences.
Our work program allowed participants not only to acquire knowledge
but also to create beautiful memories of our city and country. We aimed to
showcase the beauty, landscape, and culture that Podgorica and Montenegro
On this occasion, over 30 young people with and without disabilities from
six partner countries of the Project took part: Albania, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Cyprus, Montenegro, Malta, and Italy.
All participants, as proof of participation and knowledge gained during
the Exchange, will receive a Youthpass as a measure of recognition.

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